Dental Bridges for a Complete Smile

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More About Dental Bridge Treatment in Maple Ridge

If you’re missing teeth, a dental bridge can effectively close the gap in your smile. Made from strong and durable porcelain, dental bridges seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth, providing both functionality and aesthetics. At Coast Dental Centre, we offer expertly crafted dental bridges to help you restore your smile with confidence.

How does dental bridge treatment in Maple Ridge work?

Missing teeth can lead to structural changes in your mouth and jaw, making it difficult to eat or speak normally. At Coast Dental Centre, we are your dental bridges specialist in Maple Ridge. We are here to restore your smile, improve your speech, and regain your ability to chew, all while maintaining the natural shape of your face.

A new dental bridge may take some time to feel like your natural teeth. After your dental bridge is placed, we recommend eating soft foods for a few days before gradually returning to your regular eating habits. During your visit, our team will provide detailed pre- and post-treatment information to ensure a smooth transition and optimal results.

We recommend coming in for a dental bridge consultation in Maple Ridge so we can discuss your case, go over dental bridge costs, and put together a customized treatment plan for you.

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Insurance & Billing

We have direct billing set up with most dental insurance companies. As a complimentary service, we will take care of all the paperwork for you. Patients are responsible for any deductible, co-payment or any amount not covered by their plan.

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We are committed to providing a patient-first approach for all of our dental services in Maple Ridge. From the moment our patients walk into our office, they are treated with respect, kindness, and compassion.

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At Coast Dental Centre, our welcoming team takes the time to explain each procedure and answer any questions our patients may have, ensuring that they are informed and comfortable throughout their treatment.

Payment Options

At Coast Dental Centre, we believe that everyone should have access to quality dental care, regardless of their financial situation. We offer a range of payment options to our patients in Maple Ridge, including insurance billing and flexible payment arrangements.

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