Just like with many other things, prevention is the best way to avoid costly and uncomfortable repairs when it comes to your smile. Some types of damage cannot be reversed, so making good choices every day is an excellent way to ensure continued oral health. While many patients know the importance of brushing and flossing, they often don’t realize how big of a role diet can play. Here are some of the best and worst foods for your teeth.

Best: Fruits and Vegetables With Fiber

Fibrous fruits and vegetables will help to naturally clean your teeth and gums while you eat them. Additionally, they will encourage saliva production, which reduces the chances of you experiencing gum disease or tooth decay. Maintaining an overall healthy diet is also key to optimal physical health, so eating a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will keep your entire body healthy from head to toe.

Worst: Chewy Candy

Typically, the stickier that a candy is, the worse it will be for your oral health. Chewy candies, like caramels and taffy candy, will adhere to your teeth long after you are done chewing them. This gives the bacteria that is naturally present in your mouth a chance to eat the sugar and turn it into plaque. Sour candy is particularly bad because these gummies often contain acids that do damage to your teeth. The combination of acid and sugar left behind can rapidly accelerate tooth decay.

Best: Green Tea and Black Tea

Green teas and black teas are rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols will interact with bacteria in your mouth to help kill the bacteria outright or prevent damage to your teeth. If you use tap water to brew your tea, it will also contain fluoride, which is a great compound for maintaining a healthy smile.

Worst: Soda and Sugary Drinks

Perhaps unsurprisingly, soda and other sugary drinks are bad news for a healthy smile. Sugary sodas can lead to accelerated tooth decay. Additionally, carbonated drinks with sugar can do more damage to your smile than non-carbonated sugary drinks like juice. If you are a heavy soda drinker, try replacing some of your soda with water. If you still want to enjoy soda as a treat, you should stick to drinking it only during meals. Due to drinking it with other foods, you can neutralize some of the acid.

Best: Sugar-Free Gum

By chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day, you will encourage your mouth to produce saliva. Saliva is a natural way to get rid of excess bacteria and acid on your teeth and delay tooth decay. Additionally, saliva helps to remineralize your teeth by introducing phosphate and calcium into your mouth. There are many different types of sugar-free gum today and a broad range of flavors, so there is something for everyone! Look for varieties that contain xylitol, as it is another substance that cuts down bacteria levels in your mouth.

Worst: Ice

Even though ice is just frozen water, it can do much more damage than water does. Ice is very hard and chewing it in your mouth can lead to an increased chance of a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth. Additionally, chewing on ice can increase the odds of one of your crowns coming loose (if you have one!). If you have trouble resisting the urge to chew on ice, try putting all of your drinks in the refrigerator to keep them cool without the need for ice.

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